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Spring Is Fast Approaching

It’s that time of the year again that so many of us look forward to. Spring is fast approaching, and the dark days of winter are quickly receding to a distant memory. Here at Balkan Bonsai nursery, we watch for the arrival of the migrating storks, which traditionally marks the start of Spring.

Time again to talk to the (Bonsai) trees.

As with most things Bonsai, it is not possible to set actual dates against required actions. Each tree is unique, and the environment varies considerably across the country.

Talk to your tree. It will tell you much more than any publication can.

One thing for sure is if you need to re-pot your tree then Spring is generally the best time.

Reasons to re-pot your Bonsai include:

  • A chance to refresh the planting soil.
  • Your tree is root-bound.
  • The roots are growing out of the pot drainage holes!
  • You wish to grow your tree larger or smaller.

In general:

  • Early March for indoor tropical trees
  • Late March early April for outdoor trees (after the last frost date)
  • Re-potting usually includes root and branch pruning.

After root pruning DO NOT feed for two or three months to avoid root burn (from the fertilizer). Wait until you see fresh life (new leaves) appear on your tree.

Use a good quality Bonsai planting substrate like our specially formulated G1 Molar Bonsai Mix. Bonsai trees will grow in just about anything, however, the better quality substrate you use, the happier and healthier your tree will be)

When it comes to leaf and branch pruning you need to consider what you are hoping to achieve? A small tree in a small pot looking like a miniature version of the real thing in nature? So, what does your tree look like full-grown in the wild? Here are two examples:

Ficus Microcarpa in nature:

Now you have something to aim for, something to base your pruning objectives on.

Chinese Elm, another popular indoor Bonsai. However, what do they look like in nature?

Simply search for the name of your tree on the internet and you are good to go.

Watch and learn and enjoy

How to turn a Ginseng Ficus into a real Bonsai Tree

Happy potting and pruning.