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Bonsai Kit Guide


First of all, we soak the seeds in lukewarm (not hot!) water for 48 hours. This softens the seed coat a little. Next, we mix the seed with a damp (not soaking) potting mix and put it in a plastic zipper bag.

Leave the zipper bag in the refrigerator for 60 to 90 days. This is to mimic the natural action of seeds going through a winter season. After the 90 days sow the seeds. Fill half of the pot with the soil. Cover the seeds with 6 mm seed compost.

Place the pot in the sunny place, keep the temperature around 20-22 degree C and make sure that the soil is wet at all time.


Green mesh – Place at the bottom of the pot before filling it up with soil. It covers the holes in the bonsai pot to prevent the soil from washing through
Fertilizer – mix half a teaspoon with 100 ml of water and use once every month from Spring to Autumn.


Wiring allows you to control the growth of your maturing tree. Wires are wrapped around the developing trunk and branches to guide their growth into the desired shape, Wiring can begin once the roots of the tree have been established and the trunk is beginning to grow. It is an ongoing process that is done in stages and with multiple branches.


Shoot and branch pruning are some of the key shaping tasks in Bonsai Training. without shoot pruning your Bonsai will quickly lose its shape no longer look like a Bonsai and will outgrow it pot rapidly Use pair of scissor, and cut back twigs, that have grown about 5 – 6 pair/sets of leaves on them, to leave about 3 max 4 sets of leaf nodes. In a few weeks, you will find new shoots have grown at the leaf nodes.